Our Unique Approach To Marketing

Developing successful sales and marketing programs requires an in-depth knowledge and level of expertise that comes from years of experience. Very few firms understand the unique needs of a direct sales force, a store network, dealer networks, channel partners, independent sales reps, and franchisees. This insight is critical for the development and execution of successful revenue generating programs. Extra Mile Marketing has specific expertise in these areas. We've seen what works and what doesn't, which allows you to tap into proven best practices.

Why work with Extra Mile Marketing? Here are a few good reasons:

  • Senior level consultants with tenured marketing experience
    Extra Mile consultants have a minimum of 10 years marketing experience before joining the firm, most have significantly more than that.
  • Depth of knowledge of channel partner needs
    We've worked with over 5,000 individual channel partners over the years, giving us an unmatched depth of knowledge about their needs.
  • Practical solutions that work
    We have implemented virtually every form of sales and marketing program. Our solutions work and are based on first-hand experience.
  • 360 degree approach
    Building and sustaining a successful sales strategy is a process. We look at the entire channel lifecycle from recruitment and engagement, to motivation and reward, building and implementing programs for all facets to maximize long-term success.
  • Emphasis on sales and results
    Developing long-term, sustainable sales and marketing programs requires measurement. We develop programs with clearly defined goals, and track sales and marketing efforts, keeping our focus on your ROI.
" I don’t even know what to say. As I went through the overview in presentation mode I was literally blown away at the quality of the work and the depth of information. From a marketing perspective, this is one of the best v1 deliverables I have seen. "
Cole Humphreys
Product Marketing Manager
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