Giacom Customer Journey Assessment for Office 365

Giacom Customer Journey Assessment for Office 365

EMM finds new ways to maximize the Giacom website and re-seller journey for Office 365.

Understanding their needs:

Giacom, Europe’s largest cloud services platform provider, joined Microsoft’s CSP program in early 2015, selling Office 365 through its re-seller channel, MessageStream. After a year in the market, Giacom was nominated by Microsoft to participate in an Office 365 Customer Journey Assessment to see the effectiveness of its Office 365 offerings and re-seller program.

How we helped:

EMM performed the Customer Journey Assessment for Giacom, approaching the evaluation as a new re-seller looking to partner with Giacom and sell Office 365 packages. During the assessment, EMM evaluated every step of the journey, from how a prospective re-seller finds Office 365 on Giacom’s website, to learning more about MessageStream, the Office 365 packages, and the process to become a re-seller partner. EMM reviewed and evaluated all Giacom’s resources including sales and marketing aids. In addition, EMM participated in the purchase process, evaluating the experience and communications received during and after an Office 365 package purchase.

EMM’s Customer Journey Assessment evaluation went beyond just reviewing the website. EMM made phone calls to the sales team and participated in live chats and email exchanges. In addition, EMM analyzed Giacom’s Search Engine results and gave recommendations on how to optimize their website to help prospective customers easily find Giacom when searching on the web.

Once the evaluation was complete, EMM presented the findings to Giacom, in the form of an executive presentation. The presentation outlined items that Giacom could improve on, as well as items done well and examples of best practices for areas of improvement. In addition to the Executive presentation, EMM provided an in-depth report with more detailed findings, information, and examples.

Giacom found EMM’s recommendations to be of value, and after reviewing the Executive presentation and in-depth report, Giacom used it to as a major part of their Go-To-Market plans for the upcoming year.


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