Best Practices in Marketing Webinar Series for Microsoft Partners

Best Practices in Marketing Webinar Series for Microsoft Partners

EMM creates 12-minute videos as part of a webinar series that feature industry best practices.

Understanding their needs:

The Microsoft Partner Network site offers a huge array of resources that enable targeted sales through effective marketing solutions. Based on partner feedback, Microsoft wanted to expand the site with an engaging on-demand training program. The on-demand marketing series would serve to stimulate partners to focus more on their marketing efforts, using industry best practices.

How we helped:

Microsoft proposed a presentation-style webinar series as their marketing training document. EMM suggested that rather than produce a traditional webinar series; Microsoft partners might enjoy a series of “Ted Talk” style videos. The videos would be short and to the point, as well as offer realistic marketing guidance. The 12-minute videos each featured topics such as marketing planning, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), digital marketing, event marketing, nurture marketing and social marketing. Each video delivered a high-impact talk that included the foundational elements and core principals behind successful marketing. The videos also included how the marketing model is utilized in the industry, and how to measure results and get the maximum return on investment. The videos concluded with a "Getting Started" guide that provided practical tools and examples, and step-by-step recommendations. information. 

Since the videos launched, partners have expressed their appreciation stating they can’t remember a marketing training that has provided so much value in a long time. Partners have also expressed how they plan to reflect on the information and put into action the “Getting Started” guide. The videos caught the attention of Redmond's Channel Partner Magazine columnist, Barb Levisay. In her article featuring the videos, she stated, “The new section (videos) on the Microsoft Ready-to-Go (RTG) marketing site rounds out an impressive set of resources for Microsoft partners.”

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