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EMM Creates Office 365 Sales Materials for a Spanish-speaking Audience

EMM Creates Office 365 Sales Materials for a Spanish-speaking Audience

EMM creates Office 365 sales materials for Wingu Networks, targeting a Spanish-speaking audience.

Understanding their needs:

Being new to Microsoft Office 365, Wingu Networks approached EMM for a high-level review of the Office 365 section of their website and feedback on areas of improvement. What started with a P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E.™ Assessment, led to a messaging framework, solution sheet, battlecard and complete customer journey assessment around Office 365. EMM was able to deliver the training materials elements in Spanish, giving the sales team the materials they needed for success.

How we helped:

Microsoft first approached EMM to do a high-level review of the Microsoft Office 365 section of one of its partner's websites. Being new to selling Office 365, Wingu Networks wanted to make sure all the important details of the solution were present to make their product launch a success. EMM conducted a trademarked P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E.™ website audit, identifying missing materials and content, and recommending a messaging framework around Office 365.

Once the messaging framework was complete, Wingu Networks and EMM created additional marketing collateral to familiarize the sales team. There were not many marketing and sales materials available in Spanish on Office 365, so EMM developed a messaging framework, solution sheet and battlecard in Spanish.

Then Microsoft asked EMM to perform a customer journey assessment, incorporating language from the newly created materials in the recommendations. EMM reviewed the Wingu Networks website (, walking through the entire customer discovery, evaluation, purchase and post-purchase process.

At the completion of the project, EMM was able to give Wingu the tools they needed to make their Office 365 solution a success. Wingu now has much needed marketing collateral in Spanish and detailed direction and recommendations on where they can update their website to be more effective.



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