Telmex Launches Office 365

Telmex Launches Office 365

Wanting guidance on creating an industry leading Office 365 microsite, Telmex asked EMM to review their landing site, provide insights on industry standards and best practices, and help them design a new landing page.

Understanding their needs:

Telmex, Mexico’s only nationwide provider of fixed-line telephony services, recently added Office 365 to their product offerings. Wanting guidance on creating an industry leading Office 365 microsite, Telmex asked EMM to review their landing site and provide insights on industry standards and best practices. Telmex was so pleased with the results, they asked EMM to provide content and design ideas for the new landing page.

How we helped:

In April 2016, Telmex expanded their service offerings beyond fixed telephony, adding Office 365 to their suite of services. Intent on making their first step into cloud services a success, Telmex engaged EMM to complete a thorough review of their current Office 365 landing site, and offer insights, recommendations, and best practices.

EMM started the process with our in-depth P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E® website review of the Telmex Office 365 landing site offering suggestions for improvement and best practices from other partners. Then we developed a Messaging Framework for their new Office 365 landing site. Weekly, EMM presented website best practices, coordinating the presentation schedule with the Telmex microsite development process. The weekly presentations covered a variety of topics, including website design, SEO, content, online purchase process, and cross-selling.

Impressed by EMM’s recommendations and teachings, Telmex extended their engagement, asking EMM to create a model Office 365 microsite. EMM brought their best practices and recommendations to life in the content, design and structure of the new site. Telmex proceeded to update their microsite using the content EMM created. The microsite model was delivered in both Spanish and English.



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