TierPoint Launches Office 365 with an Engaging Email Campaign

TierPoint Launches Office 365 with an Engaging Email Campaign

Extra Mile Marketing worked with TierPoint to develop engaging materials for the launch of their Office 365 offering.

Understanding their needs:

TierPoint, an information technology and services company, recently added Managed Office 365 to their service offerings.  To get clients excited about this new offer, TierPoint reached out to EMM to create a targeted email campaign that would increase awareness and adoption of their new offering.

How we helped:

To make their Office 365 launch a success, TierPoint reached out to EMM to create an engaging email campaign series that targeted current customers.  We had previously worked with TierPoint on their Office 365 messaging framework and sales materials, giving us a strong understanding what they had to offer.

Instead of using a traditional, technology-focused message, EMM recommended a different approach to increase audience interest, including an infographic one-sheet and a subsequent blog post.  The campaign consisted of three emails, each focused on a specific managed service, with a call to action to download the one-sheet.

The infographic focused on how different generations in the workforce utilize Office 365 and which benefits appeal most to Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.  By highlighting this information, we were able to demonstrate to business decision makers how one tool, Office 365, could benefit their existing workforce and attract new members to their company. 

The email campaign was followed by a blog post, focused on the materials in the infographic.  This blog post gave TierPoint the opportunity to go into more depth around each generation in the workforce and the benefits of using Office 365.

Creating the one-sheet gave TierPoint a strategic advantage with their Office 365 launch, giving them the opportunity to be a thought leader in a crowded space.



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