Infographic on Infographics

Abbie Vancil By Abbie Vancil, Senior Project Manager , Extra Mile Marketing

Communicating all the features and benefits of a complex technology solution can sometimes be challenging, especially when the person you are trying to market to doesn’t have a technical background.

We see technology companies use the same phrases over and over again in their marketing in an attempt to simplify a solution. Most likely, you have heard a variation of some of the following:

- “Save money by moving workloads off-premise."
- “Use the cloud to increase your IT power.”
- “Switch to an op-ex model and avoid huge upfront costs.”

But what do these phrases actually mean? How can these be quantified so the audience can better visualize how your solution solves business challenges that will impact their bottom line?

To help clients overcome this challenge and add some pizazz to dry content, we recommend using visual content, such as infographics, as a way to communicate the true value of a solution.

Check out for our infographic on infographics to learn what we’ve seen be successful for our clients.

Infographics can be an effective part of your digital marketing strategy.


Read our Fast Feature for how one Microsoft partner, TierPoint, used infographics for Office 365 and Azure.



If you are looking to create a more complex and interactive infographic that your audience can engage with hands-on, our rockstar development team can bring your infographic to life.

Take your stationary infographic a step further and create an experience for visitors, whether on your website, landing page, webtool, or even an app-based widget, with scroll-triggered animated data points, graphics, and visualizations.

With our infographics, your solution will definitely not look or sound like anyone else!

Read our Fast Feature for how one Microsoft partner, TierPoint, used infographics for Office 365 and Azure.

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