Connect and Engage: Tips for a Successful B2B Facebook Campaign

Abbie Heironimus By Abbie Heironimus, Senior Project Manager & Digital Campaign Guru, Extra Mile Marketing

An effective social media campaign can boost business, establish your brand, create a community of followers, and encourage feedback. Sound easy? With these tips, derived from Extra Mile Marketing’s extensive experience in conducting social campaigns, it can be!

- Social media strategies generally work to accomplish one or more of these goals
- Spark interest and generate traffic
- Engage customers and nurture leads
- Promote and educate about a particular product or service
- Position your company as an industry thought leader

There are many different ways to accomplish your goals. One is with a well-managed Facebook campaign.


Target your audience

Facebook’s advertising platform is particularly helpful when targeting specific audiences. When marketing to businesses on Facebook, create a detailed profile considering what kind of company will benefit most from your solution, what problem they are looking to solve, and how best to communicate with them.

Be specific. Consider the audience’s interests, what pages they have liked, and influencers they follow.

Hook prospects with engaging content

Once you have created a detailed profile of your target audience, write compelling content to grab their attention. Content on Facebook should emphasize your value proposition and include a strong call to action.

Depending on your goals, you may want to bring prospects to a landing page for access to gated content, prompt them to reach out to a specific department, or simply ask them to like your post as an endorsement of your thought-leadership. Remember that brevity is key. Facebook content should be skimmable, yet memorable.

Design with interactivity in mind

If content is king, then communicative design is queen. Interactive content engages readers on Facebook, so consider using video, infographics, and emoji’s to make your point. The focus of the design should be on the call to action, and the color palette should be vibrant and appropriate for your brand.


Test before and after implementation

The final step in conducting a stellar B2B Facebook campaign is to test, test, test! Use A/B testing to determine which design elements and content works best for different audiences. Then test those audiences to see which group responds most.

Predetermine your campaign KPIs to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. Then, consistently optimize your ads and share content across channels when appropriate. Testing should be conducted before you go live with your ads, through to the end of the campaign. But remember, leave ads in the market untouched for at least a week so that you can base your decisions on trustworthy performance indicators.


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Repurpose existing content into social media posts and leverage in ads.

Think about your customer’s experience with your campaign and keep the journey simple (no more than two clicks).

Leave ads in market for a week to gather KPIs before making changes.


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