Microsoft Facebook Campaign Exceeds Benchmarks

Microsoft Facebook Campaign Exceeds Benchmarks

Facebook paid media campaign targeting Microsoft partners.

Understanding their needs:

Microsoft Community Connections (MCC) is a program that encourages partners to host an event with local business organizations by providing a host of event resources. By connecting with local business associations and thought leaders to host an event for their customers, partners are able to get free support, event content, registration tools, and giveaways.

To achieve the goal of encouraging partners to use MCC for their events, Microsoft engaged EMM to create and design and execute a paid media campaign on Facebook. The Facebook campaign invited partners to sign-up with MCC and receive the latest and greatest Microsoft event solutions. By registering with MCC, partners were also entered in the Microsoft Inspire 2018 sweepstakes.

How we helped:

EMM created five ads featuring easy-to-consume content and engaging graphics. We employed A/B testing to optimize the illustrations and animations, allowing us to improve the results of the campaign.

Over the course of two weeks, it was evident that ads featuring an illustration design were out-performing photography-style designs, achieving the highest click-through rate, and a lower cost-per-click.

In total, in 30 days, the campaign generated over 6.4 million impressions, 98,000 clicks, and an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.15, which is significantly below the $1.00 industry average CPC. 

Are you thinking about conducting a Facebook ad campaign? Be sure to download our Facebook checklist to ensure you are using industry best practices for optimal results!


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