Avanade Thought Leadership Blogs

Avanade Thought Leadership Blogs

As a leader in several industries, Avanade wanted to show their thought leadership and engaged Extra Mile Marketing to ghostwrite a series of blogs on the future of technology in the insurance, banking, and healthcare fields.

Understanding their needs:

Avanade is a leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and designed experiences delivered through the Microsoft ecosystem. They wanted to provide key insights and highlights on how their technology solutions can transform businesses worldwide. Avanade's blog series needed to address the needs of their global target audience, highlighting the solutions that make Avanade stand out in a crowded marketplace.

How we helped:

To position Avanade as a thought leader for technology solutions around industry-leading topics, Extra Mile produced 14 banking and insurance and 4 healthcare blogs for the initial campaign. To ensure the success of the blog series, EMM first identified the top marketing personas to reach. For example, in the banking series, the target persona was a CIO, VIP of Tech, or Line-of-Business (LOB) head. From there, we found topics that would resonate with forward-thinking professionals, ranging from Blockchain and Banker Productivity to Robotic Process Automation and Advanced Security Systems.

Fun Fact! With such dense topics, the proverbial question many ask is how long should a blog post be? Research shows that search engines will crawl your blog if it is between 600-1,500 words.

Additionally, research shows that a company blog has more long-term ROI than traditional marketing efforts.1 Further, companies who prioritize blogging are 13X more likely to enjoy positive ROI.2 Measuring the ROI from a blog series isn’t as obvious as click-to-click conversion, but its success can be tracked in other ways. A B2B blog has tremendous SEO benefits in organic search, attracting high quality leads. When looking at Avanade’s SEO results, this was definitely the case, as a simple search of ‘Avanade Health’ had Avanade in the 2nd highest organic search position.

Read Avanade’s interesting, industry leading blogs on banking, insurance, and healthcare here. Then, contact us when you need inspiration for your next blog series. 



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