Strata Law Group

Strata Law Group Launches a new website, with a focus on content marketing

Strata Law Group Launches a new website, with a focus on content marketing

Messaging Framework and website content.

Understanding their needs:

Strata Law Group, one of Seattle’s leading family law firms engaged EMM to build content to enhance their website. They also had us move their site from a difficult platform to an easy-to-use platform with a built in CMS.

How we helped:

How do you tackle the development of all new website content? Start with the Messaging Framework! EMM first built the foundation for strong content to tell Strata’s unique story. The Messaging Framework clearly defined Strata’s value proposition, target audience, and points of differentiation, all of which could be featured on the updated website. Strata goes beyond divorce and family law, guiding their clients through litigations, collaborative law, mediation, and arbitration. To encapsulate these different legal areas, we delivered a concise but collective approach to bringing content to life. With the right content, the website was ready to build.

Starting with our in-depth P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E.® review, we focused on user-friendly design and imagery that would resonate with target clients. Next, we moved Strata’s existing website to a new, easy-to-use platform with a built-in content management system. And while we were not charged with re-designing Strata’s website, we did upgrade some of their imagery, using their existing design and adding new, engaging visuals. Finally, we delivered training to help the Strata legal team navigate the newly built website. The training included step-by-step instruction as well as a manual for future reference.

Is your website content fresh? Read our best practice on the six elements you need to ensure your website is up-to-date, and give search engines an excuse to crawl your site.



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