Microsoft 365 Website & Customer Journey

Microsoft 365 Website & Customer Journey

Microsoft needed to simplify and refine their direct-to-customer (DTC) web experience for Microsoft 365, a solution that brings together Office 365, Enterprise Mobility & Security and Windows 10.

Understanding their needs:

Extra Mile Marketing created industry specific content addressing the benefits of Microsoft 365. The targeted messaging was designed to reach business decision makers, technical decision makers, C-Suite executives and end-users to help them learn more about the solution and provide a clear path to purchase.

EMM then designed wireframes, and an an interactive infographic that demonstrated the benefits of the solutions based on their industry needs.

How we helped:

Customer Journey Assessment

To best understand how to enhance Microsoft’s direct-to-consumer web experience, EMM completed an extensive customer journey assessment of the Microsoft 365 website. We analyzed a number of elements including paths of discovery, content, calls-to-action, design, and overall navigation. 

Messaging Framework

Informed by the customer journey assessment, we assembled a messaging framework. The core messaging was crafted with newly defined targeted audiences, clear descriptions of each solution within Microsoft 365, company proof points, and a refreshed value proposition. The messaging also addressed the needs and concerns for each targeted industry, as well as the benefits they would gain from the solution.

Website Content & Design

Using the messaging framework and a newly defined customer journey, EMM got to work crafting content for a number of website pages. We focused on enhancing the customer experience by providing engaging content that was easily consumable and targeted towards those with the highest propensity to buy. We also included various ways to learn more about the solution through clear

Interactive Infographic

To showcase how Microsoft 365 addresses common pain points among different industries, EMM created an interactive infographic that would guide users through a typical scenario within their industry, and populate the featured benefits based on their selections.  


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