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Thought Leadership Campaign For Insurance Solutions

Thought Leadership Campaign For Insurance Solutions

Pyramid Solutions was set to launch a new insurance offering, and engaged Extra Mile Marketing to build and awareness in market through a diverse collection of thought leadership content.

Understanding their needs:

Extra Mile Marketing positioned Pyramid Solutions as a thought leader in digital transformation for the Insurance industry by building a dedicated landing page for the insurance solution, a one-page summary of the solution, as well as a regular cadence of blogs and a video that could be shared through social media and other digital platforms.

How we helped:

Landing Page

EMM developed a dedicated landing page on the Pyramid Solutions website targeting insurance prospects and clients. Key messaging on the page substantiated Pyramid’s insurance-related expertise and detailed specific offerings designed to help clients bring their digital insurance operations into the future.

Solution Sheet

The one-page solutions sheet re-purposed content from the landing page to provide a high-level summary of Pyramid Solutions’ insurance-related services and expertise. With a clear call to action and a message of partnership, the solution sheet enables any Pyramid representative to share the company’s offerings to prospects and clients.

Blog Series

In a series of blogs about digital transformation in insurance, EMM’s ghostwriters tackled unique challenges and features of a modern digital strategy for the industry, including fortifying security, maximizing the cloud, and leveraging big data and the Internet of Things to create competitive advantages.


One of the best ways to promote a new product or service is with a quick video that can be shared on websites and social media. EMM produced an animated explainer video for Pyramid’s Portal-as-a-Service offering to give prospects and clients a unique way to learn about the solution.

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