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We've determined the TOP 9 OUTDATED BEST PRACTICES that marketers still use every day. Then we outlined how to evolve your marketing strategy to be #2020ready (before it's too late).

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    • 1. Best-in-class SEO strategies to boost your presence in search.
    • 2. Techniques to ensure your emails don't end up like a message in a bottle.
    • 3. Social media dos and don'ts to enhance brand recognition.
    • 4. Sales enablement tactics that will lead to higher close rates.
    • 5. Tips for stellar websites - your #1 marketing tool.
    • 6. Lead generation best practices to improve ROI.
    • 7. How to make your blogs stand out in a crowded space.
    • 8. Content creation advice to keep visitors on your landing page.
    • 9. The best ways to integrate video into your content strategy.



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Honestly the format and material is spot on. The comparison table is invaluable. Putting this in a customer facing document that reps can send to their customers is a great resource to have in hand.

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
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