Producing an Attention-Grabbing Video Series: QorusDocs

Producing an Attention-Grabbing Video Series: QorusDocs

An exciting Microsoft partner based out of Cape Town, South Africa, QorusDocs wanted to stand out in a crowd of competitors. They needed rich thought-leadership content that told the story of QorusDocs to help prospects understand the key benefits of their Proposal Management (PM) software.

Understanding their needs:

EMM invited QorusDocs CEO Ray Meiring to our Seattle office to harvest his impressive insights around proposal management software. We filmed Ray talking about the ins and outs of proposal management software, which formed the basis of a 5-part video series, enriched with animation, that targets prospects in different parts of the sales funnel.

How we helped:

Video 1: What is Proposal Management Software?

As a best practice for video marketing, EMM took a light and fun approach to the video series. With a quick animation style and jazzy music track, we set the stage for a high-level introductory video that answers the question: “what is proposal management software, anyway?” The first video showcases the powerful benefits that prospects could achieve by automating their sales proposal processes.


Video 2: Who Uses Proposal Management Software?

The second video in our series breaks down the key business personas who can accomplish more in their workday with proposal management software. We also highlighted the collaborative capabilities of the software and showed that it is essential for many different types of industries. 

Video 3: Why should my team use proposal management software?

Halfway through the video series, the viewer is ready to dive into the technology features that make proposal management software so powerful—in particular, automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. This deeper dive was paired with helpful animations that visualized the performance improvements as Ray spoke.

Video 4: What should you look for in a proposal management software?

This video targets prospects who are ready to compare and contrast competitors in the proposal management space. Ray walks through key features that any quality proposal management software should offer.


Video 5: Why Choose QorusDocs Proposal Management Software?

The final video in our series highlights how QorusDocs proposal management software meets the various needs and requirements of each marketing persona. This differentiating video makes a clear closing argument, without venturing into the dreaded territory of “salesy.”  

Watch the whole series today!


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