Eastside Health Network

Launching a Healthcare Network

Launching a Healthcare Network

Eastside Health Network is a comprehensive network of healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, and physician all located on Seattle's east side. A physician-led alliance that emerged from a partnership between EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center & Clinics, EHN was looking to build awareness of their new network and launch campaigns to promote their different advantages and offerings.

Understanding their needs:

A staple of our process at Extra Mile is learning all we can about our clients. We don’t leave any stone unturned during our discovery phase in order to create the most honest and convincing content possible. We know that partnering with our clients and taking on their goals as if they were our own is the only way to market successfully.

When we began work for Eastside Health Network, before we developed even a sentence of content we took the time to get to know everything about them. Then through a dynamic social media campaign, video and more, our partnership was hugely successful in EHN’s launch as a new organization and their efforts to engage doctors, patients and other hospitals.

How we helped:

Building the Message from the Ground Up

To establish the perfect voice to represent EHN across all content we took a deep dive into their world to understand the company culture and all the language they use to communicate with their target audience. The process begins with getting all stakeholders in the same room to determine how exactly they want to position themselves. From there, we take that messaging and make sure that everything they communicate is born from that same foundation to ensure a distinct identity.

Launching a Social Media Presence

Without a presence on social media EHN relied on EMM to create and launch their profiles across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We developed highly targeted campaigns directed at specific healthcare products like the Medicare Advantage program. EMM created a calendar that covered education, healthcare tips, thought leadership articles and general EHN brand awareness. 



Engaging an Audience with Video

With over 1,400 providers in 87 specialties at 194 locations, EHN has a lot to offer their patients but were in need of an easy, engaging way to build awareness within their audiences. Extra Mile Marketing’s answer was a one-minute video that showcased who EHN is and the comprehensive network of care providers they have created for patients on the east side. 






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