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eBooks and Infographics for Microsoft Partner Network

eBooks and Infographics for Microsoft Partner Network

Extra Mile Marketing offers thought leadership packages to help Microsoft Partners create stunning materials that generate leads. For example, eBooks and Infographics help you pack a ton of information into an exciting narrative that demonstrates thought leadership while promoting specific products and services. We created eBooks for Exceedra Retail Execution, Wood sustainability services, BNY Mellon’s data and analytics solution, and SoftChoice cloud migration along with infographics for BNY Mellon and Wood.

Understanding their needs:

Exceedra’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for consumer goods companies have produced amazing results. Powered by Microsoft Azure, their cloud-based Retail Execution solution equips companies with state-of-the-art tools that validate store compliance, speed up time to insight, and create drastic efficiencies for its customers. With Exceedra, companies are empowered to make better decisions faster. 

How we helped:

Exceedra eBook

For Exceedra’s eBook, EMM saw an opportunity for a fun storyline that would follow the release of a fictional movie and the branded grocery products that would accompany it. The playful storyline was highly effective in capturing readers attention and Exceedra developed a large number of leads directly following the release of the eBook.


BNY Mellon: eBook and Infographic

For the eBook that we made for BNY Mellon, a data solutions and analytics company powered by Microsoft Azure, we blended clean design with engaging copy that follows Elizabeth Gardner, a Chief Data Officer at a global financial firm. In her quest to restructure the ageing information architecture they currently use, Elizabeth gathers insight from other department heads to address their issues with data overload. Following Elizabeth, Extra Mile formulated an easy-to-follow customer journey map that allows potential clients to get familiar with the power of BNY Mellon’s cloud-based data solutions for data analysis and scaling.


The Infographic that accompanied the eBook was aimed at addressing common pain points in one clean, statistic-rich graphic solution. For potential clients who have struggled with patching together data in haphazard ways, the infographic is an easy way to see the benefits of BNY Mellon’s data fabric cloud solution.    



Wood: eBook and Infographic

Wood is an engineering and consulting firm with a focus on sustainability and thought leadership to help companies navigate the path to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Extra Mile conducted an in-depth interview process with Wood SME’s to compile the right content to create a compelling showcase of the Microsoft Azure-powered products offered by Wood like ENVision, a cloud monitoring solution that provides governance and insight around emissions and carbon releases, and SCORE, Wood’s decarbonization methodology that informs decision-making around setting and meeting emissions targets. Highlighting three of the most problematic industries (energy, infrastructure and manufacturing) the eBook focuses on case studies, statistics and data-backed trends to provide thought leadership and product information to business leaders seeking guidance and resources in their own efforts to combat climate change.


The interactive Infographic that EMM made for Wood is an easy and fun way to digest all that Wood has to offer. Leading you down a road through a fun, interactive futuristic city the viewer encounters damns, waste-to-energy plants, futuristic neighborhoods and housing solutions. Throughout the user journey down the road they are presented with Wood’s Microsoft Azure-powered suite of products that include SCORE, ENVision, Flood Vue, Zero EmmissionSim, Decision Vue, and Resilience Lens.  


Softchoice: eBook

Softchoice presented us with the challenge of creating an eBook that would simplify the daunting prospect of cloud migration. The Azure Accelerator from Softchoice is a great option for businesses that don’t have the internal capacity to carry out such a large task. With a sleek layout and orange color scheme, EMM addresses common pain points during cloud migrations to give business leaders the confidence that Softchoice’s Azure Accelerator is a reliable partner to migrate with.



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