QorusDocs Website Revamp

QorusDocs Website Revamp

QorusDocs, a proposal management software company, had recently completed a brand refresh and sought to make their website and internal messaging match to present a solid, unified brand.

Understanding their needs:

To reflect their new branding and revitalize their marketing content, QorusDocs engaged EMM to develop a messaging framework that would ensure consistent, branded messaging, an industry and persona guide to support sales teams, and 39 pages of website content to update their digital presence.

How we helped:

QorusDocs gets a website upgrade

Featuring 39 pages of copy and a revamped design and navigation, the new website targets each of QorusDocs’ 6 core audiences. The EMM team carefully crafted messaging that would capture each target persona’s imagination, embedding strategic keywords to position the website higher in search engine results. We also created a backend system on Microsoft Teams to achieve greater control, ensuring a successful and worry-free launch.

Creating the framework for a new content strategy

Messaging frameworks include everything from the value proposition and unique benefits to product-specific terminology and audience pain points.

Establishing this solid foundation set a direction for future deliverables. The new content strategy is used daily to guide strategic social campaigns, create targeted sales collateral, and help the sales team navigate prospect conversations. 


Industry & Persona Guide

To create a 360 degree view of QorusDocs’ best prospects, EMM drafted a comprehensive document identifying the nuances and buying behaviors associated with each of QorusDocs’ primary industries. We identified primary job roles, key issues and needs, along with day to day challenges within those roles that QorusDocs could solve.


Products and Services
Website content Messaging Framework Industry & Persona Guide
Organization Size
51 - 200
United States, South Africa
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