Finastra Thought Leadership

Finastra Thought Leadership

Finastra sought to showcase the adaptability and innovation of their lending and mortgage cloud solutions while also highlighting the security benefits of their platform.

Understanding their needs:

Extra Mile Marketing positioned Finastra as a thought leader among those who work within the financial services industry and educated prospects on the innovation possibilities and robust security benefits of the company’s market-leading cloud lending solutions.

How we helped:


We consider eBooks the centerpiece of our Thought Leadership package. They are robust narratives that take an in-depth look at the practical uses of a product or service. In the case of Finastra Lending, we looked at common challenges their prospects face – redundant manual processes, keeping up with evolving compliance requirements – and created a story that demonstrated the benefits of their advanced cloud solutions.

This eBook covered both lending and mortgage services, with a specific focus on how Finastra’s end-to-end cloud solution can consolidate and expedite processes while ensuring security using Microsoft Azure.


EMM created a video illustrating Finastra’s seamless and flexible cloud lending solution. This 5-part experience focused on: digital services, customer
loyalty, faster loan processing, connected apps, and market expansion. Like our eBook, this video ultimately depicted the increased efficiency of consolidating systems and processes and showcased the benefits of Finastra as an end-to-end lending solution.

Blog Series

The 3-blog series in our Thought Leadership package is designed to dive deep into specific, current issues or trends facing lenders. Writing thought leadership blogs requires detailed research into current trends to truly position our clients as experts, while still speaking in an accessible way.

Our first blog for Finastra explored how cloud technology can be the innovation boost organizations need to modernize their lending practices and meet evolving customer demands. Next, we explored challenges around on-going compliance changes, and how using cloud technology helps to balance those requirements, while still allowing for innovation. The final blog in our series was all about harnessing the power of automation to gain a competitive edge in lending, specifically how Finastra Fusion LaserPro uses AI to create a fast, compliant assembly line for lending document creation.


Lending financial institutions are prioritizing digital-first experiences and utilizing an open cloud platform. Learn why you should develop a customer-centric business model, plus how you can reduce risk and deploy new digital services faster.



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