CyberProof, a UST company

CyberProof, a UST company

CyberProof, a UST company

CyberProof, a UST Company, wanted to demonstrate thought leadership in the area of Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) for enterprise security. Bringing together the power of Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender, CyberProof’s Managed XDR solution helps organizations identify intrusions—from email and endpoints to identities and applications – while supporting their security operations team with automated detection and response. The result is a faster response to attacks, reduced impact, and relief from alert fatigue.

Understanding their needs:

Our team leveraged our extensive experience with Microsoft and cybersecurity solutions, as well as conversations with CyberProof subject matter experts. To start, we developed a messaging framework that detailed CyberProof’s target audience, points of differentiation, lead messaging, and prospect pain points. Then, we created an array of advanced marketing materials including and eBook, infographic, sales battlecard, nurture emails, and social media posts to help CyberProof execute a comprehensive thought leadership campaign.

How we helped:

Messaging Framework

In EMM’s nearly 20 years marketing cloud solutions, cybersecurity has always been at the top of our (and our audience’s) mind. By raising typical questions that enterprise decision makers have around cybersecurity to CyberProof’s Managed XDR subject matter experts, we were able to isolate the top objections, pain points, and most sought-after features that would guide the creation of the thought leadership content. Then, we created a comprehensive document that the CyberProof team can refer to for years ahead when developing future assets or communicating with their target audience.

Video, Infographic, eBook

To grab our audience’s attention, pique their interest, and educate them on the CyberProof solution, EMM created a series of advanced content based on the messaging framework. 

First, we developed a short video for social media that highlighted the possibilities of deploying Managed XDR and prompted viewers to download the eBook for more in-depth information. Then, we crafted a skimmable infographic that compared the different types of XDR—on-premises, cloud-based, and cloud-native. Finally, a gated eBook helps the CyberProof sales team to collect leads, while educating interested parties around the details of CyberProof’s Managed XDR solution. 














Battlecard and Emails

To help CyberProof capitalize on the leads gathered by the educational marketing assets of the campaign, EMM built a sales battlecard and a series of nurture emails.

CyberProof sales teams use the battlecard to stay on message and create a consistent experience for prospects who contact the sales team and expressed interest in their Managed XDR solution. Meanwhile, the nurture emails help prospects move from the discover stage to the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey and provided the sales contact information and call to action.

Social Media Package

To cap off the campaign, EMM created a series of social media posts that tied all the assets together and drove CyberProof’s traffic to the eBook landing page, relevant blog articles, and webinars. These posts contributed to the seamless customer experience as they moved from the discover stage to a conversation with sales.

In addition to the social media posts, EMM also conducted a review of CyberProof’s existing social media channels, recommendations for improvements, and an action plan for getting the social posts in market.




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