Condeco eBooks

Condeco eBooks

Condeco enlisted EMM’s help to showcase their workplace scheduling software, specifically the unique advantages it brings to financial services organizations.

Understanding their needs:

Speaking to the benefits of Condeco’s Azure-run workplace solutions, EMM took a multi-faceted approach toward marketing the product. Most notably, we created three eBooks that each tell a story from various points of views, highlighting the values of the software for workers, company leaders, and customers alike.

How we helped:

Employee Focused eBook

This eBook highlighted the helpful changes Condeco has brought about for employees who are working both remotely and in an office. Told from the point of view of an employee at a fictional bank, this eBook focused on how Condeco’s workplace solutions makes it easier and safer for people to start going returning to the office after the pandemic.

The eBook shows how a banker’s worries were put at ease after using Condeco to check who is going to be in the office, book a parking spot, and reserve a room for his meeting with a client later that day.

C-suite Focused eBook

In our next eBook, we took a creative approach to examine the benefits of Condeco for the C-suite of a financial services organization. This story focused on a CEO talking to his future self about the positive difference Condeco made for both him and his employees. Taking a futuristic look at this solution allowed us to tell the Condeco story in an eye-catching, outside-the-box way.

Short Stories eBook

The third eBook we created for Condeco was a combination of different perspectives. We revisited the employee and C-suite perspectives and had a lot of fun bringing in a third one: the office building itself.

Our team is always thrilled when we can take an out-of-the box idea and run with it while telling an engaging story. This eBook allowed us to do just that while humor, while still highlighting the key advantages that Condeco offers.


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