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Wolters Kluwer CCH® Tagetik

Wolters Kluwer CCH® Tagetik

Wolters Kluwer’s Corporate Performance Management solution, CCH® Tagetik, was thought of as a European brand and wanted to change that image. With a strong North American presence, they enlisted EMM to build stronger brand awareness in this market.

Understanding their needs:

Before suggesting a strategy, EMM first conducted a review of their social media presence and their North American competitors. EMM recommended a strategy to reinforce their NA presence and highlight their brand strengths. The solution included a strong monthly calendar that targeted NA events and content with monthly and quarterly reviews to enhance the approach to follow the data.

How we helped:

Coordinating with the Wolters Kluwer worldwide team, EMM focused on building brand awareness in North America. With a deep understanding of the market Wolters Kluwer was trying to reach and their unique voice and style, EMM created monthly posting cadence. The calendar focused on establishing a consistent posting schedule and included events and content to specifically engage the North American audience. 


Our engagement included writing posts, creating imagery, and hands-on day-to-day posting. EMM’s initial recommendations including building posting templates and Wolters Kluwer implemented this in their new brand development plan.  


With the CPM solutions social media strategy successfully building NA engagement, Wolters Kluwer also added their Supply Chain Planning solution to the mix. SCP was a sales focus and EMM was able to add them to the calendar and develop several content pieces to drive their strategy. 


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