Microsoft Azure Migration -Thought Leadership eBook

Microsoft Azure Migration -Thought Leadership eBook

Looking to promote the Windows Server and SQL Server migration to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft wanted informational content about the migration to give to their channel partners. EMM was enlisted to create a thought leadership deliverable that could be used for multiple partners.

Understanding their needs:

EMM jumped into the challenge with an eBook that focused on the common misconceptions of migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure, highlighting Azure's benefits for increased competitiveness and innovation. 

How we helped:

Creating white label content for your channel partners gives you control over the message and makes it easy for your partners to promote your solution. 

Here are the 3 key takeaways for partner channel marketing deliverables:

1. Make the content fresh, eye-catching, and engaging. Your partners want to be proud to show off the work and use it for their own marketing.

2. Design with your partners in mind. Use a design that will reflect your branding but will also seamlessly fit in with your partner's branding. Keep it clean and fresh so that any partner can use the piece.

3. Once the deliverables have been created, be sure to communicate the best practices for using the materials to your partners. 

 Creating white label channel marketing materials can be an effective way to help your partners market your solution, generate leads, and amplify your reach. In these situations, keeping it plain and simple will work to you and your partner’s advantage! 


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