Five Social Media Tips to Boost Your Engagement

Gina Svab By Gina Svab, Marketing Assistant & Oat Milk Advocate, Extra Mile Marketing

Way back when, as the internet became a thing, social media, influencers and TikTok dances weren’t even an inkling of a thought. As social media began to bloom with the age of MySpace and Facebook in the early 2000’s, we started to connect online, finding long lost friends and forming a virtual community. Facebook evolved, adding groups and events to its platform in the hopes of bringing like-minded people together.

Community is a great thing to create and build for your social life, but what does this mean when it comes to running a successful business online? As an entrepreneur who has built multiple brands through social media, I’m here to share some insightful tips that I’ve learned along the way.

No. 1

“Always be closing” is for car salesmen. “Always be active” is for the social media business bosses. This means creating content and sharing it daily. The more your audience sees your posts on their feed, the more likely they are to see how your content is relevant to them, and therefore follow your brand.

No. 2

We all cringe when we hear our own voice, but you’re the only one who it rubs the wrong way. When you physically show up on social, you’re giving your brand a face and a personality that your audience can relate to. Instead of using graphics for a Stories post, try showing your face and asking your audience a direct question. See how your engagement grows!

No. 3

Stand out in your own way! Every business is trying to sell something (obviously), but what makes you different? Are your coffee mugs made from all recyclable metals? Are you using dairy free, nut free, all gluten free ingredients in your cookies? Are you donating a portion of your profits to a charity? Use these differentiators as key selling points.

No. 4

Hone in on your market. No product is for everyone, so find your ideal clientele and market to them. Think as broadly as “a mom” or as narrow as “sails in the East Coast in the summers”. The more you can pinpoint those characteristics that define your customer, the better you’ll be able to create marketing that truly speaks to them.

No. 5

Stock photography is out. Showing behind the scenes, real people working, and your very own beautiful face is in! We, as humans, crave a connection. Content using stock models looking bored in an office isn’t going to hit your mark. Think about your ideal client from nifty tip number four. How would this person feel about your brand? Now capture that in a graphic using real people from your company.


No one ever said marketing a business was easy, but it can be fun! Using these tips on all your social channels will help brand awareness and overall customer retention. Allowing your audience to relate to your brand will instill trust and a sense of community.



Gina Svab

Marketing Assistant

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