Keeping it fresh— how to find new topics for your business blog

Emma By Emma, Resident virtual assistant and data lover, Extra Mile Marketing

So, you’ve started your company blog. At first, ideas flow quickly. You have so much to say about industry trends and best practices, and the exciting future of AI.  

Eventually, the writer’s block hits. Goodbye innovative ideas. Farewell words that flow from your fingertips. So long snappy subheads. In your quest for inspiration, you realize you may need some help from outside sources. (Perhaps you decide to write a blog about finding new blog topics…). 

Consistently generating unique and engaging topics can be tricky. We’ve found some strategies that have helped us get unstuck and compiled them here for when you’re writing your next blog. 

Evergreen content 

These are the subjects and styles that never expire (they’re the Twinkies of marketing topics). Evergreen content retains relevance over time regardless of current trends. It also typically involves original thought – a blog that can’t be written by AI. They may need a little tweaking on occasion, but if you’re looking to write a blog that will stand the test of time, consider some of these: 

* Buyer’s guides 

* FAQs 

* How-to articles  

* Best Practices 

* Tips and tricks

Industry trends and news 

It may feel like the digital scene is changing faster than you can keep up. Fortunately, this means there’s a plethora of new ideas out there waiting for you to discover them. By following industry influencers, thought leaders, and other  about new products or solutions, you can stay up to date with emerging strategies, tools, and technologies. Demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as a trusted source by incorporating the trends you find into your next blog.  

Case studies and success stories 

While strong SEO and LinkedIn campaigns help audiences find you, it’s the stories you tell that capture their attention and touch their hearts. If an audience can recognize themselves in one of your stories, they’re more likely to remember and relate to it, making your blog more impactful.  

Consider reaching out to clients for testimonials, or showing the before and after of a client’s business transformation after implementing your solution. Audiences want to see your solution in action.  

Explore customer feedback and questions 

How better to discover what your customers want than from your customers themselves?  

By analyzing customer feedback and frequently asked questions, you can identify pain points and areas where customers need assistance. From there, you can create blog posts that address their concerns directly. Not only is this a great strategy to generate relevant topics, but it also builds trust within your customer base when they see that you genuinely care about addressing their needs.  

Repurpose existing content 

Don’t overlook the wealth of content you already have! Dive into your archives and identify high-performing blog posts or evergreen content that you can repurpose with fresh insights. Update stats, add new examples, or provide a different perspective to breathe new life into existing topics. Additionally, consider transforming written content into different formats like videos, podcasts, infographics, or slideshows that cater to different audience preferences and expand your content reach. (Check out our blog about repurposing content here.) 

Outsource it 

Outsourcing blogs allows you to include fresh perspectives and ideas. Subject matter experts can offer a different angle or approach to your topics, and they’ll already be familiar with industry terms, trends, and SEO keywords to make your blogs work harder for you.  


Remember to keep your target audience in mind when brainstorming blog topics. Consider their interests and pain points to create content that resonates and provides value throughout the customer journey. With this, perhaps you can begin to reclaim your creativity, generate new ideas, and ward off blog writer’s block.  


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