App of the Future: Quisitive

App of the Future: Quisitive

Understanding their needs:

True to its name, the Microsoft App of the Future program encourages businesses to leverage the power of Azure to create a modern, future-proof app that allows them to innovate, unlock productivity, and improve customer and employee experience.

Quisitive, one of four of Microsoft’s top performing partners in app development, was invited to participate in the App of the Future program.

How we helped:

Quisitive decided that an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign would best help them meet their goals. This campaign included multiple elements, from a one-page solution sheet, eBook, digital ads, and ended with running a paid LinkedIn campaign.

Getting the attention of the healthcare decision maker is a challenge. To make Quisitive stand out from the crowd, EMM developed an interactive scorecard that provided a personalized experience to help prospects score their healthcare apps.

Interactive scorecard

The scorecard made a complex topic simple for business leaders to understand, enabling them to identify their pain points, such as dispersed systems and outdated legacy apps that reduce efficiency and slow down patient care.

Based on the respondents’ answers, the scorecard provided personalized results that evaluated their strengths and weaknesses, and directed them toward next steps for how they can improve their applications for their organization.

The LinkedIn ads were targeted specifically to a healthcare audience and tested with CTAs driving to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms as well as Quisitive landing page forms.  


The combination of compelling content, industry targeted ads, as well as ads targeted toward individuals, made the Quisitive campaign a success, driving qualified healthcare leads for the sales team and filling their pipeline. The interactive scorecard captured interest and drove form completions. The one-sheet provided a useful tool the sales team could use for follow-up. This campaign highlights how important it is to have a complete package to ensure a successful campaign.   


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