Microsoft BPGI

Marketing Coaching with Microsoft BPGI

Marketing Coaching with Microsoft BPGI

Understanding their needs:

It takes a lot to keep up with the times. Rapidly changing technology makes it easy to fall behind and find yourself stuck with outdated systems.  

Businesses are no different, and sometimes, they need a little help keeping their systems, operations, and processes running smoothly with the newest technology.  

That’s where Microsoft BPGI (Black Partner Growth Initiative) partners come in with their focus on Modern Work and the technical help businesses of all sizes need to flourish.  

While the BPGI partners are experts in all things tech, they are at the beginning of their marketing journey. Microsoft chose EMM to help them build and mature their marketing function.  

“Today's buyer is more informed than ever before, thanks to the vast amount of information available at their fingertips. Because of this, the balance of power has shifted from the sales rep to the buyer in most sales conversations. This is why pushy sales tactics are no longer effective the way they used to be.”- Hubspot 

How we helped:

Over the span of 9 months, EMM worked closely with four Microsoft BPGI partners to create impactful deliverables for all stages of the customer journey, starting with a Messaging Framework, one-sheet, and web content. Once we had the foundation, we built go-to-market materials including ebooks, infographics, videos, social posts, and campaign ads.  

This is where a lot of engagements stop, forgetting completely about the “buying phase” of the customer journey. You have to close the deal! To position these partners to close sales, we created a customer-facing sales deck and paired that with Executive Coaching to ensure they had a polished presentation when they meet with prospects.

Executives in small businesses have a lot on their plates. They often must manage all aspects of business operations, and don’t always have the time to practice their pitch in depth. This Executive Coaching process gave them the time to focus on both their message and listening skills, paired with outside, professional feedback to help them improve their overall presentation.

The process started with an initial presentation of their deck to our Coaches. Taking feedback from the Coach, they prepared and gave a second presentation. The final step was a filmed presentation and self-critique. 

We helped each partner polish their sales pitch delivery and hone their skills to close out the buyer’s journey with confidence, not only making their sales pitch stronger, but providing them with the tools they need for future success. In the end the results spoke for themselves. After 9 months of building their marketing materials and coaching sessions, the BPGI partners had successful campaigns that converted leads. 


“I wanted to let you know that Luis applied the coaching he received from EMM on a sales call yesterday and it resulted in the client requesting a quote!!! This has been such an amazing experience and I can’t thank you enough for providing us this opportunity!”

- Frank Valdivieso, Gryphon CEO


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