Are you ready to Copilot?

Emma By Emma, Resident virtual assistant and data lover, Extra Mile Marketing

What inspires you? Maybe it’s picturesque scenery on a mountain top, or watching an accomplished athlete score goals, or learning a new instrument.

During this conference, experts in tech came together to share exciting new developments in their businesses and industries from security, app innovation, infrastructure, and much more. Many of these announcements centered on–you guessed it–Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

In fact, AI was so important at this year’s Inspire that not only did CEO Satya Nadella kick off with a HUGE AI announcement in the keynote, but I bet you can’t find a single session that didn’t include the topic.

Have you heard?

The keynote focused on Microsoft’s newest AI technology: Copilot. 

Currently available to a select group of enterprise clients, this generative AI program was at the heart of Inspire. Speakers discussed how Copilot has been woven into Microsoft’s familiar business modernization tools, and how it can automate tasks and create content to make your workday easier.

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the past year, you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT.

Like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot is also built on OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. Using this, the program can understand context, generate code snippets, and even suggest functions based on natural language prompts. Copilot is like the older, flashier, fashionably mysterious cousin of other AI programs that rolls up at Thanksgiving and makes your meager voice control capabilities look like child’s play (thanks, Copilot).

Five Ways Microsoft Copilot Will Make Your Life Easier (and one way it won’t)

1. Copilot can instantly transfer text from a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation. This means you can say goodbye to the tedious highlighting, copying, pasting, and reformatting every paragraph.

2. Want that same PowerPoint presentation to have a blue color scheme, Comic Sans font, and play the Indiana Jones theme song while it guides you through this month’s company achievements? Copilot is happy to oblige.

3. Sending a follow-up email to a client after a Teams meeting? Copilot can automatically transcribe the meeting, compile notes and current projects, and draft a complete follow up email with upcoming deadlines, progress reports, and next steps. 

4. You have a lot of emails to write. Why not get some help? Copilot can create emails that utilize customer data to pull in product, consumer, and opportunity information inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

5. During Teams meetings, Copilot can provide real-time tips and suggested answers when a client mentions competitors, keeping you knowledgeable and ready to handle objections.

6. Copilot cannot, we admit, pour you the perfect Pumpkin Spice Latte to welcome these cooler days and approaching sweater weather. Some things are best left to Starbucks 😊.

Copilot demonstrates that, once again, Microsoft is at the forefront of technology, with its dedication to advancing AI technologies for the betterment of businesses and innovation. As we saw at Inspire, the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of AI are rapidly expanding and truly, ahem, inspirational. We’re happy to have a front row seat.


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