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Crafting the perfect Go to Market campaign with Boxer Six

Crafting the perfect Go to Market campaign with Boxer Six

Understanding their needs:

Assisting companies in crafting their marketing strategy right from inception is familiar terrain for us—one where our expertise thrives. So, when we began our work on the ground floor with startup company Boxer Six, we knew precisely how to make their vision a reality. 

Boxer Six was in search of an exclusive marketing agency to aid in the brand development of their cannabis gummies. A key differentiator was their proprietary Quick Six™, a six-minute delivery system. At the time, Boxer Six was the only company on the market with this revolutionary technology. 

We began our work with Boxer Six before their products even hit the shelves. Prior to creating any materials, we conducted a collaborative messaging workshop with the Boxer Six team. This workshop solidified their Messaging Framework, the foundation from which all other marketing materials are built! In this process, we established points of differentiation, features and benefits, and nailed down their target personas.  

With the Messaging Framework in place, it was time to focus on the science behind the cannabis gummies. Working with the Boxer Six subject matter experts, we gained in-depth knowledge of their nano-emulsion technology and how the gummies function on a molecular level. 

Using our jargon translation and story-telling skills, we simplified these complex scientific processes into attention-grabbing and easily understandable copy that resonated with consumers, buyers, and distributors over a variety of platforms. 

Then we got to work on Boxer Six’s brand guidelines, which ensured that their brand was easily recognizable and consistent. Our designers collaborated with the Boxer Six team to solidify branding minutiae like color, font, and their recognizable speak-easy look. Our design team also planned and executed a product and lifestyle photoshoot. We used these photos across all digital platforms and sales materials. 

Once we finished these foundational pieces, we created a 12-month Go to Market campaign focused on three main target groups: sales, consumers, and retailers. 

How we helped:

Sales Campaign 

Leveraging our sales door opener kit, we equipped their sales team with materials including a pitch deck, an email series, swag with a redeemable online page, and a handful of sales sheets 

A strong online presence isn’t the only must-have for a Go to Market campaign. It’s also essential for retailers and consumers to see your brand beyond their computer screen. We developed a multitude of swag products like collectible pins, stickers, and merchandise that both elevated Boxer Six’s brand presence and encouraged prospect interaction. 

With these sales materials, their sales team was able to confidently build connections with local dispensaries, providing information about Boxer Six to close deals. 


Consumer Campaign 

We developed a full 12-month direct to consumer Go to Market campaign utilizing the newly launched Boxer Six website and online retailers. The marketing campaign included: digital ads, social media marketing, email campaigns, blogs, and a to consumer one sheet. We partnered with known online cannabis retailers including Leafly and Leaflink, to create direct to consumer buyer pages on these websites. With the messaging and photos updated, the Boxer Six website was part of the buyer's journey and led consumers to purchase directly and learn more about the line of products. 


Retail Campaign  

We used Nabis Marketplace to increase Boxer Six’s brand awareness with email campaigns and ads targeted towards Nabis retailers. We also created SME movement ads targeted toward retail owners and employers. Our pop-up event materials for cannabis tradeshows such as Buyers Club and Hall of Flowers led to great connections and leads within the retail space.  

Throughout this process, our team became well-versed in the cannabis industry at large and know the ins and outs of online retail, influencers, the consumer market, and working directly with distributors.  

Over the course of a short period, we honed our expertise of the science, legal requirements, and target audience of the cannabis industry and execute a fully integrated go to market campaign launch with over 40 unique deliverables.

“An amazing brand and marketing team. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, understanding, patient, though provoking, and diverse set of individuals with all the skills to take on a more challenging product and market! Cheers to the entire EMM family and their fearless leader, Lori Stutsman!!!” 

Ron Glantz, Boxer Six CEO


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Crafting the perfect Go to Market campaign with Boxer Six
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