4 Tips to Thrive in the Ever-Changing World of Marketing

Gina Svab By Gina Svab, Marketing Assistant & Oat Milk Advocate, Extra Mile Marketing

Like most other jobs, the marketing industry is constantly evolving. The way we communicate with each other, consumer needs, and emerging technologies have all been contributing factors to significant transformation. So, it comes as no surprise that we, as marketing specialists, adjust with the industry as well.

In our last couple of blogs, we’ve focused on how to harness the power of technology and strategy, including SEO, social media, and aritifical intelligenceto improve your marketing, but now it’s time to focus on YOU!

At EMM, one of our core values for driving success is to keep our marketing “fresh.” We believe that any good marketer keeps up to date with recent trends and is always ready to learn something new.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can stay ahead of the game, and keep up with the ever-changing world of marketing.


1. Optimize Your Digital Presence.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online interaction has skyrocketed. Because of this, it’s crucial for marketers to build and maintain a strong digital appearance. This should be developed in a variety of ways including: upgrading your website for optimal user experience, leveraging data insights to create targeted digital campaigns, and diversifying your online strategy. Embrace a multi-channel approach that includes social marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, influencer collaborations, and virtual events.


2. Evolve Your Skill Set.

With new trends and technologies, you have the opportunity to learn new skills! Staying competitive in the evolving marketing landscape requires that marketing professionals d invest in learning new skills through online courses, certifications, and industry workshops. For example, taking classes in current subjects like: AI driven marketing or marketing automation software can help to expand your skillset and ensure that you’re keeping up to date with emerging trends.

Don’t forget! Networking with peers and participating in relevant communities can also help gain exposure to emerging roles and opportunities.


3. Nurture Your Virtual Work Environment.

Before the pandemic, we rarely saw a “hybrid work environment” and now it’s become our new normal. According LinkedIn, there have been 17,000 remote marketing job postings in the past year.

Just like in an office setting, a virtual work environment has to be cultivated. Any successful work environment requires diligent project management, clear communication, and detailed task management. With the launch of AI software, Microsoft Copilot, this has become easier than ever. Copilot is integrated into all Microsoft 365 apps, seamlessly working alongside you to do things like:

- Create written drafts in Word based on short prompts.

- Develop complete decks in PowerPoint from written documents.

- Summarize and organize key discussion points from any Teams meeting.

By leveraging project management software and video conferencing platforms you and your team can stay on track with your organizational goals.


 4. Stay Agile and Flexible.

In the face of constant evolution, marketing professionals need to be agile and adaptable. The ability to pivot strategies and embrace change quickly has become a necessary skill. Adopting a growth mindset and creating a culture where rapid ideation, testing, and implementation are embraced, will lead to quicker adaptation to market changes and drive innovation.


Remember, change brings opportunities. By staying informed and continuously developing your skills, you can embrace the evolving marketing jobs landscape and shape your own success in the industry.

We, at Extra Mile, are constantly learning, growing and embracing these new technologies.  If you want help with the latest, proven marketing strategies, set up an initial call with us by emailing



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4 Tips to Thrive in the Ever-Changing World of Marketing