The New Superhero Duo: Exceedra and EMM

The New Superhero Duo: Exceedra and EMM

Understanding their needs:

Superheroes save the day, everyone knows that. It would be weird if they didn’t, right?  

But “saving the day” looks different depending on the day, and depending on the hero. Sometimes they need to stop a crazy clown from blowing up the city, sometimes they have to fly at warp speed to save someone from falling.  

Sometimes, superheroes are used to generate hundreds of leads. That was the case when our team worked with Exceedra to promote their retail execution software.  

Exceedra was looking to raise awareness about their software and showcase how it could vastly improve workflows and visibility across the retail space.  

They needed an exciting thought leadership campaign that tapped into current marketing trends to generate qualified leads.   

That’s where the superhero story comes in.  


How we helped:

Next time you’re at the supermarket, keep an eye out for a promotional tie-in campaign. You can find the latest Hollywood blockbusters co-branding on everything from cereal and crackers to apples and bananas.  

It was this concept that prompted our team to pitch a Hero Story that focused on actual heroes. (Shark Woman, to be specific). 

By centering an eBook around a promotional campaign for a fictional superhero movie, we were able to deliver a fresh, industry-specific vision that showcased Exceedra’s complex, AI-powered technology. 

Working closely with their Subject Matter Experts, we wove in specific product benefits around our fictional story and illustrated how three very different stakeholders in the retail industry could benefit from Exceedra’s solutions.  

Shark Woman’s exploits generated over 200 qualified leads and have been translated into several languages.


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The New Superhero Duo: Exceedra and EMM
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