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Storytelling Through the Friends of Youth Impact Report

Storytelling Through the Friends of Youth Impact Report

Understanding their needs:

Friends of Youth is a large regional non-profit that helps at-risk young adults, often from marginalized backgrounds, find the emergency housing, employment, and mental health tools they need to land on their feet and build the future of their dreams.  

Friends of Youth needed to create an annual report for 2023 that conveyed the life-changing work they do to stakeholders, volunteers, partners, and graduates of their programs. These reports showcase areas of impact across their services, key events that took place throughout the year, financial information, awards, and what’s next in 2024.  

Creating such a detailed document takes time and resources. The team at Friends of Youth needed help gathering and organizing information for the annual report. We worked as an extension of their team to take on the task. 


How we helped:

Extra Mile gathered data from the Friends of Youth analytics team including number of graduates, families that were supported, which services were most needed, and how many people found employment through their resources.  

But we didn’t stop there. We put our storytelling skills to use and were determined to tell a story beyond just the numbers and statistics. With testimonials from real Friends of Youth clients, we wove in individual case studies of youth that had been homeless or in the foster care system, and how they secured housing and employment by utilizing Friends of Youth resources.  

The result was a visually appealing, compelling report of the 2022-2032 fiscal years. The Friends of Youth team can use across multiple marketing channels including direct mail, social media, email, website, and partner community events to showcase the impact of their services.  


Extra Mile Marketing’s relationship with Friends of Youth dates back to 2003. EMM CEO Lori Stutsman sat as their Board Chairman from 2004-2005, and as the Board Development Chair from 2006-2007. Since then, we’ve participated in their annual Celebration of Youth and Holiday Giving Tree programs, as well as helped with countless community outreach and fundraising initiatives.    

"Excellent work on the Impact report"

-Paul Lwali, Friends of Youth CEO


If you’re looking to create an annual report that tells your team’s story and leaves a lasting impact, contact our team at! 


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