Boost Customer Satisfaction with a

Comprehensive Marketing Analysis program. 


At EMM, we believe the customer and partner experience is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, parts of the sales process. If the prospect’s journey is riddled with roadblocks, your marketing efforts will be for naught.   

Your website acts as your silent sales agent. It is often the first point of contact between a lead or prospect and your business. It needs to give prospects the crucial information they are looking for to accelerate their journey and move them through the next phase of the buying cycle to a close.    

Many of our engagements include a 360-degree assessment of the prospect’s journey, including traveling through the lead generation process, navigating your website, and engaging with your online and inside sales people.  We work with you to remove roadblocks and ensure a smooth customer experience. 

Our deep knowledge of digital marketing and the needs of a technical buyer put us in a unique position to create intuitive websites, landing pages and interactive experiences. We can also provide comprehensive how-to and quick-start guides to ensure full adoption of your solution. 

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