Extra Mile Marketing is proud to offer go-to-market materials exclusively selected for Microsoft Partners.

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Extra Mile Marketing specializes in turning complex solutions and engineering gobbledygook into crisp, jargon-free messaging.


Whether your partners need to generate a “better together” story, amplify their message online, build sales enablement materials, or run a GTM campaign, our expert team of geeks knows how to move the needle in the tech industry.



70% of decision-makers agree thought leadership is one of the best ways to get a sense for the caliber of thinking an organization can deliver.

Thought leadership marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful ways to establish credibility, connect with prospects, and accelerate growth. We take pride in offering a thought leadership campaign that our Microsoft Partners will get the most out of and selected the following three pieces for their high-value return.





Position your organization as an industry leader and discuss relevant industry issues, answer FAQs, and address current challenges technology can solve. Our blogs include relevant search terms and are a great way to drive leads to your website.

What to expect: A series of three 500-900 word blog articles, including 2 rounds of copy revisions. Timeline: 6 weeks



An eBook is a powerful digital marketing tool that builds credibility while educating prospects about a specific topic. An eBook provides prospects a closer look at your solution(s) and demonstrates the value you provide. Gated eBooks are also a great way to generate qualified leads for your sales team.

What to expect: 8-10 page designed eBook with 2 rounds of copy revisions and 2 rounds of design revisions. Plus, a digital asset kit. Timeline: 5 weeks




Bring your solution story to life visually! Infographics are a great way to take a technical solution offering and position the information in a easy to consume format.

What to expect: A customized Infographic: Includes 2 rounds of copy revisions and 2 rounds of design revisions. Timeline: 3 weeks


Digital eBook

96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders.

Skillfully constructed eBooks are powerful digital marketing tools that provide thought leadership, while educating prospects about a specific topic, building credibility, and helping to generate qualified leads.



For your customized eBook, we will develop relevant and engaging topics and messaging to tell a great story, grab your readers’ attention, and position you and your team as industry thought leaders. Paired with a unique storyline, easy to follow content, and compelling visuals, we’ll bring your solution to life.

What to expect: 8-10 page designed eBook that includes 2 rounds of copy revisions and 2 rounds of design revisions. Plus, a digital asset kit that includes: illustrations and photography from the eBook that can be used in a dedicated landing page, social posts, or blogs.
Timeline 6-8 weeks

Video Storytelling

Share your unique story or champion a solution and connect with potential customers in 60 seconds or less!

Videos are designed to help attract prospects, explain products, and share your big picture message with your largest audience. And the best part, 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI!



Share your company’s unique story, increase brand awareness and lead generation, and connect with customers in 60 seconds or less with our video storytelling package! The marketing geeks at Extra Mile craft compelling storylines, with high quality graphics and movement, that set you apart from the competition.

What to expect:
Our three-tier video storytelling package will put a spotlight on your solutions, with:
A 60 second “hero” video: A hero video designed to be front and center on your website or landing page, that shares your big picture message in 2 minutes of less! See how we created a co-partner video with HPE and Intel. 
Two 30 second social media flash videos: Showcase your expertise in a particular vertical, dive into a product feature, or explain the value of your services with two 30 second social media flash video, designed for social media, Search Engine Marketing, or email campaigns. See our Qorus video in action! 
A eye-catching GIF: Pair your content with movement and get a higher user engagement!
Timeline 4-6 weeks

We Know Tech

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From Apps to Zettabytes

Extra Mile Marketing is a strategic marketing agency powered by a crew of geeks who are super passionate about their work. 
We know how to influence business decision makers with powerful content that tells a unique and memorable story. 
When you work with us, you know what to expect. From our menu-style pricing to our collaborative approach, we are puzzle-solvers who are able to see the big picture, but understand that the little things matter as well.


We measure our success by our clients success. Browse through some of our recent work for Microsoft Partners.

Client: MindShift

Solution Featured: Hosted Desktop
Deliverable: eBook, blogs, battlecard, email, solution sheet, sales scenarios

Client: TierPoint

Solution Featured: Office 365
Deliverable: eBook, video, infographic, sales presentation

Client: Dun & Bradstreet + Oracle

Solution Featured: D&B Customer Data Management on Oracle Hosted Desktop
Deliverable: eBook

Client: Sas + Microsoft

Solution Featured: SAS Analytics on Azure
Deliverable: eBook, blogs, infographic

Client: Encore + Microsoft

Solution Featured: ERP on Azure
Deliverable: eBook

Client: OneStream + Microsoft

Solution Featured: OneStream on Azure for Finance
Deliverable: eBook, blogs, infographic

Client: Bechtle + Microsoft

Solution Featured: Modern Workplace
Deliverable: eBook

Client: Softchoice + Microsoft

Solution Featured: Digital Transformation on Azure
Deliverable: eBook

Client: HPE

Solution Featured: Server Storage
Deliverable: Video, blogs, presentation deck

Client: SoftwareONE + Microsoft

Solution Featured: Digital Transformation
Deliverable: eBook

Client: BNY Mellon

Solution Featured: Data and Analytics Solutions
Deliverable: eBook, Infographic, blogs

Client: Smarsh + Microsoft

Solution Featured: Transforming Compliance
Deliverable: eBook, blogs, infographic

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks. I keep looking at the site and truly just blown away. Every last bit of it is amazing and a work of art. I know it’s been filled (and still is!) with hours, hours, and more hours of passion, work, love and probably a bit of pain too. It is a gift to QorusDocs and will forever impact us internally and externally. Internally it has given us a sense of pride and unity I have not seen in the last 7 years. Externally, it will provide our window to the world of the brand we aspire to become. Without this, there would be no way to achieve that. Thanks doesn’t cut it, but it’s a start. My deep appreciation to you all.

Michelle Revsbech
Michelle Revsbech
Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, QorusDocs QorusDocs