How would you explain controller-based encryption to a hiking buddy? Translating complex jargon like this (on the trail or off) is the reason we have a job.

Extra Mile Marketing (EMM) specializes in strategic marketing planning and communications, content marketing, and engaging, impactful Account Based Marketing (ABM), thought leadership, and social media/digital campaigns.

We bring 20 years of experience of tried-and-true strategies to create influential marketing materials for a wide variety of complex industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, nonprofit, and insurance, among others.

By partnering with our nationally accredited Woman-Owned Business, you'll benefit from our team’s expertise in developing content marketing materials for multi-faceted Enterprises. Whether it’s a household name like Microsoft, HPE, and Wolters Kluwer, or up and coming innovators looking to make a mark, we view our clients’ success as our own.

Our clients will agree, we are more than a marketing agency. We are a true partner.

The 2024 State of B2B Tech Marketing Report


What's in the report

The results are in! We surveyed more than 150 marketing and sales technology professionals to create a comprehensive State of B2B Tech Marketing Report.

As tech companies double down on marketing, don’t get left behind your competitors. Explore our findings on emerging trends, strategies used to grow sales pipelines, and ways to incorporate AI in your marketing!

Trusted Microsoft Vendor

In our 20+ years working with Microsoft® and its partners, we’ve learned a thing or two about the tech industry.

We specialize in turning complex solutions and engineering gobbledygook into crisp, jargon-free messaging and have strategized with, developed content for, and trained thousands of Microsoft partners around the world.

As technology has continued to evolve, we’ve expanded our marketing playbook to stay ahead of current trends. Whether your partners need to generate a “better together” story, amplify their message online, build sales enablement materials, or run a Go-To-Market (GTM) campaign, our expert team of geeks knows how to move the needle in tech.

We’ve executed strategy and campaigns for Copilot, Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics, Security, Windows, and many, many more.


Comprehensive Messaging

Our messaging frameworks will serve as your marketing North Star, guiding you to more leads with crisp, clear copy that tells a unique story about your organization, products, and services. More...

Captivating Business Storytelling

Craft a winning campaign that helps your audience find you, and generates higher-quality leads, whether through a narrative eBook, an engaging infographic, or a thought-provoking blog series. More...

Engaging Explainer Videos

Cut to the core of what makes your products or services tick with short, attention-grabbing and -keeping video marketing that tells a company story, explains a specific offering, or demos a solution. More...

Targeted Social & ABM Campaigns

Whether it’s a developing an innovative social strategy, creating a targeted ABM campaign, or executing Search Engine Marketing, we’ll help you get as many eyeballs on your marketing materials as possible. More...


Our Clients

Thanks so much! It’s been a pleasure and we’re already working through budget to create (hopefully) 10 more in H1 😊 I’ll be in touch!

Cheryl Haney
Cheryl Haney
Project Manager - Digital Marketing Content OnDemand, Microsoft Microsoft