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Based in the Seattle area, EMM is a full-service, strategic marketing agency specializing in strategic marketing planning, sales and marketing enablement, customer experience, and go-to-market campaigns.

Hiring a marketing agency is a big commitment, of both time and money. You'll benefit from our deep understanding of business processes, and our expertise in developing marketing materials for complex workloads.

Since 2003, we've served national and international companies with clear, concise messaging that connects employees, customers, and partners worldwide. Our roots are in technology, but we support and bring best of breed strategies to other industries including finance, professional services, healthcare, telecom, legal, insurance, and retail, among others. 

We've consulted over 7,000 companies in more than 25 countries, and we've trained hundreds of companies on ways to grow their business. Our proven channel partner programs help technology companies recruit, engage, and retain strong partners.

Our clients will agree, we are more than a marketing agency. We are a true partner. 


Developing successful sales and marketing programs requires an in-depth knowledge and level of expertise that comes from years of experience. We help attract the RIGHT prospects by producing high-quality, engaging, and interactive content that markets your solutions and service offerings to key audience members. We've seen what works and what doesn't, which allows you to tap into proven best practices.

Experts at Marketing and Sales Support

Very few agencies understand the unique needs of a direct sales force, channel partners, independent sales reps. This insight is critical for the development and execution of successful revenue-generating programs. EMM has specific expertise in these areas.

Best of Breed Strategies

Bringing best of breed strategies from many industries. We apply best practices used by leading companies worldwide to assist our clients in sales, marketing, project management, and communications.

Deep Understanding and Expertise

Deep understanding and expertise in a wide variety of industries, including technology, financial services, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and professional services.

International Services and Experience

Working with worldwide teams and partners to develop product and service sales materials, websites, marketing plans, and customer journey assessments. We deliver localized materials in more than 25 countries.













Why EMM?

There are thousands of marketing agencies in the U.S. So why should you choose EMM?

Check out how our nimble and fun team stacks up against large enterprise agencies and boutique marketing shops. 


Don’t let your marketing go stale. Our team brings new, creative ideas to every project, deliverable, and strategic plan. With innovative, big-picture thinking, your approach will always stay fresh and keep you ahead of the game.
You need an agency full of experts in more than just marketing. Our team of jargon translators can take the most complex solutions and create easily understandable messaging that will entice and persuade your audience at every step of the customer journey.
Our spirit is infectious. As anyone we’ve worked with can attest, the atmosphere we build is joyful, exciting, and productive. Watch time fly as we whiteboard a marketing plan or stack PB&J sandwiches for the homeless, all while solving your most ambitious marketing puzzles.
Stories speak louder than stats. Our team is passionate about telling your unique business story and creating memorable and impactful narratives that showcase your expertise and bring your solutions to life.
The big picture is really, really big. So every project starts with a messaging framework that considers your stakeholders, clients, and prospects. Then we build a comprehensive strategy that leverages new trends and modern tools to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Success is in the details. At EMM, we’re intentional about getting it right. From big-picture strategy to the tiniest commas, our team ensures nothing slips through the cracks.
Every word. Every story. Every campaign.
In business, relationships come first. That’s why we offer menu-style pricing and transparent processes, with clear timelines, consistent updates, and measured outcomes. We’ll tell you if there’s a better way to spend your budget, and we’ll never surprise you with extra costs.
At EMM, people are at the heart of everything we do. Our diverse crew will become an extension of your team as we collaborate openly to set you up as the hero in your company. We’re your biggest fans.
Experience matters. Our story is a thread of accomplishments that have led you to us. So whether you’re amplifying your message online, arming your sales team, or evolving your brand, rest assured that our marketing geeks will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Thank you so much for the hard work to get this new website up in time for our Microsoft friends. This is a very significant step up and puts us in a completely different category than the old one. I’m proud of the work and appreciate yet again, changing the game for another company. WELL DONE

Rich Cannon
Rich Cannon
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